Friday, January 10, 2014

Top 25(ish) Polishes of 2013!

Even though I haven't been blogging regularly, I still paint my nails quite often. There have been some beautiful polishes this year and I've decided to swatch out my top 25 or so. Whenever I use a polish in my spreadsheet, I rate it 1-5 stars. These are my 5 star polishes released in 2013 that I've gotten to use so far.

So let's see what types of polishes drew my eye this year:
Color: 26% were blue, 23% were green and 19% were blue. Quite characteristic.
Brand: 23% were Zoya, 15% were Picture Polish and Orly, KBShimmer, Julie G and Digital Nails each made up 7%.
Price Range: 30% were salon polishes, 27% were indies and 15% were foreign.
Finish: 30% texture, 30% holographic, 23% glitter

#25 SquareHue Flower Power

This green is a gorgeous, happy green. It was kinda streaky on the first coat, but perfect on the second. I had my doubts including this in my top 25, but one I got it on the nail, I knew it had to be there.

#24 Color Club Mamba
I picked this one up at an outlet store on vacation. It is the PERFECT red. Rarely needs more than one coat on me. I reached for this one countless times for Christmas manis and Texas Tech game day nails.

#23 Zoya Miranda
Texture was probably my favorite thing of 2013. I cannot get enough of them! I didn't get Miranda at first, but the pink is so pretty and feminine! It reminds me of a princess.

 #22 OPI Jinx
I also hesitated buying this one at first since there were so many orange textures that came out around the same time. I am so glad I bought this! It's got a touch of pink and a gorgeous gold shimmer. Summer in a bottle!

#21 Orly Melodious Utopia and #21.5 Elevation Stay Behind, Catch a Wave
I absolutely love these two together! Melodious Utopia has a gorgeous pink shimmer I couldn't quite capture. Stay Behind in a lovely aqua shade and CIRCLES!

#20 Colores de Carol April Fools
This polish makes me so incredible happy. It's a white based glitter, the glitters are square, it's got rainbow glitter and it's named after my birthday! It's like it was made for me. It's like a party on my nails! There is a little VNL after 3 coats, but I like it. I'd like it more if my nails were more even :/ 

#19 Orly Sparkling Garbage
Sparkling Garbage is too thin to make it looks its best alone, so I layered it over Cult Nails Riot. Riot complements Sparkling Garbage's teal-ish color and is a great base for it!

#18 Zoya Liberty
Another texture. I really can't get over them. This shade of blue it just so stinking gorgeous. It's like ground up jewels on my nails. 

#17 Sinful Colors Pine Away
A metallic green? How could I not love this? Another favorite for Christmas manicures.

#16 Salon Perfect Green Room
This seafoamy/teal-ish halographic underwhelmed me at first. But outside, it blew my socks off.

#15 Picture Polish Hope
My first Picture Polish on this list! They make gorgeous polishes and this is no exception! A gorgeous deep blue scattered holo with glitter.

#14 Picture Polish Ocean
Picture Polish nails scattered holos. The blue of this is perfect for the name Ocean. Beautiful! I should've gone for one more coat.

#13 KBShimmer Get Clover It
KBShimmer always has amazing polishes. I love the green base with sparkle and the gorgeous circle glitters. So perfect for St. Patrick's Day.

#12 KBShimmer I've Got a Crush on Blue
Another fantastic glitter from KBShimmer. This blue is so deep and amazing. The base plus the shimmer and holo glitter makes this polish mesmerizing.

#11 Zoya Godiva
Zoya Godiva is a neutral, which I typically don't like. But make it into a texture and I am all in! This was one of my first textures and led to my addiction with them.

#10 Zoya Sunshine
Once I hopped on board the texture train, I needed a navy texture. Who better than Zoya to make this? This is what I was craving so badly. So perfect for fall. Now I just need a texture the color of Zoya Zuza.

#9 Julie G Sugar Plum Fairy
This rich purple texture is perfection. And a one coater!

#8 Julie G Mistletoe
Julie G Mistletoe is the best green texture I've seen. It's like a Christmas tree!

#7 Picture Polish Freya's Cats
Freya's Cats is a bright blue holo. As with all Picture Polishes, they apply flawlessly.

#6 Digital Nails Stars at Night
A navy holo that's named after Texas. How can this be any better?! Digital Nails makes gorgeous polishes that reference so many things I love!

#5 Zoya Tomoko
Tomoko is perfect for Christmas nails. Doesn't it make you think of a party? Such an amazing metallic champagne color that is just so classy.

#4 I Love Nail Polish A Fresh Evergreen
I'm a sucker for nearly any polish this shade of green since it's so rare in mainstream polishes. Make it a holo and I will drool. This was my first ILNP and I am so impressed.

#3 Digital Nails The Ultimate Ginger
This polish was a part of the "Ladies of Who and Rory Too!" collection. It's a gorgeous aqua which I love and named after my favorite companion and one of her best episodes. So much love.

#2 Zoya Dream
Zoya's holographic polishes last year were fantastic and the follow up was even better. Such a deep blue with an amazing silver fleck holo. Mmmmm.

#1 Picture Polish Sea Jewel
This polish is my absolute favorite polish of all time. I actually ranked it 6 stars in my stash doc. The shade of teal is phenomenal and the metallic-y mesh finish is just utter perfection. I am planning on buying so many backups of this!

So those were my favorites of 2013. What were some of yours? Any that I'm missing and should try?