Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lacquerhead Polish Cold Shoulder

Ahh I've missed my blog so much! School has been sucking all my time away :( I've been painting my nails on occasion but can't remember that last time I've done any nail art. What a bummer. But I have a super awesome polish to show you today! This is Lacquerhead Cold Shoulder.

I'm a sucker for white-based glitters. This polish has large black hexes, black squares, medium gorgeous blue hexes and blue and black micro glitter. It's so pretty together! 

This is two coats. It applied really well and I didn't have to fish for glitter. And it was perfectly smooth with one coat of top coat.

I apoligize for my sad cuticles. They're not getting the love they deserve. My favorite macro is the top right with the square in it. I love squares! You can buy Lacquerhead Polish here. Cold Shoulder is sold out now but it should be back soon!


  1. This is an awesome color. Plus, your shots are awesome, so that's awesome plus awesome. This post is awesome squared. ;) How's the wear time on this lovely? I love a good polish not to break my heart by chipping within an hour of application. What say you?

    1. I think I wore it for two days before I took these pics. I only had one slight chip. I removed it shortly after that, so I'm no sure how it holds up past that.