My Birthday Group

Our birthday group consists of 11 great ladies. Each of us gets a month of the year (our birth month or for some other celebration) and all the other ladies send them polish! Whenever I started following nail blogs, a few of them talked about a birthday group, which sounded so cool to me! Soon after I joined one of the facebook polish groups (I can't remember which one), Zoe asked if anyone wanted to join a birthday group she was starting. I was SO down! Our group is made up of ten awesome ladies from all over the world and myself. I love these ladies and their blogs, so go check them out and show them some love!

Helly at Nail Newbie
Tracy, Kathrin and NiNi don't have blogs, but are still super sweet and awesome!

If you'd like to be in a birthday group, I encourage to join some of the facebook groups about polish. The badges along the top of my blog will lead you to the corresponding group. From there, you can keep an ear to the ground to see when someone is starting a new group, or start one on your own and get people from those facebook groups!