Sunday, December 23, 2012

10 Day Holiday Nail Art Challenge: Holiday Song

All of my ideas for a holiday song were sooooo boring. I was looking through my untried polish drawer and found Pahlish Partridge in a Pear Tree. It's named after a song, so it counts, right? Fun fact: the 12 Days of Christmas actually starts on Christmas day! Which works out super since I'm clearly not going to get all these Christmas-themed challenge manis done by Christmas day lol.

This is three coats. Isn't it gorgeous?! It's a nude jelly base with green and burgundy glitter. There's also a gold-ish shimmer in there too! Man, these indie makers are killing me with all their fantastic holiday collections! They're so original, especially compared to the mainstream with a gazillion reds in their holiday collections.

To make it at least a little artsy, I stamped it! I added presents since the song sings about gifts and a stamp with a bird (partridge) and love letters using Sally Hansen Wined Up and OMG Nails plate N55 and Cheeky plate CH53.

Not my best stamping, but I really like these colors together.

Not only was Patridge in a Pear Tree gorgeous, it was sooo easy to apply AND remove! All around fantastic polish!

10 Days of Nail Art: Holiday Treats

This next challenge is Holiday Treats! My favorite is sugar cookies, but I'm already decorating so many real ones that I didn't want to recreate it on my nails. I put on Lush Lacquer Peppermint Kisses and realized it was a great base for this challenge!

After three coats of Peppermint Kisses, I stamped some peppermint stripes using Sally Hansen Rapid Red and Bundle Monster plate BM301.

They worked perfectly together! This turned out better than I thought it would. I absolutely loved this :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

10 Day Nail Art Challenge: Giftwrap (Christmas Chevrons)

Hi! Here's the next installment of the 10 Day Nail Art Challenge!

Today is wrapping paper! I don't actually have any wrapping paper like this, but I got Pure Ice Red Hot Mama in the mail yesterday and it was calling me to do this haha. I'm also using it for the Pure Ice Nail Basel Challenge!

I started with two coats of Pure Ice Magic Basecoat from the Vinyl Remix Duo. It's such a great white. I was almost tempted to not do anything over it because I love white nails so much! I let it dry overnight so I wouldn't chance pulling the polish off with tape.

Then I created my own nail stickers using notebook paper, a Xyron sticker maker and some scrapbook scissors. Then I paintd one coat of Red Hot Mama. It's a a gorgeous, juicy, crelly finish polish! Perfect for Christmas!

I used a small brush to sharpen the chevrons to my liking. Doesn't this remind you of Santa Claus?!

Red Hot Mama provided for review.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

10 Day Nail Art Challenge: Snow

Hey everyone! I've got the next installment of the 10 Day Nail Art Challenge for you today!

I did snowflakes for the last challenge because I didn't look ahead at the next one haha. That's okay because I really like what I did for this one.

I started with two coats of China Glaze Aquadelic for my sky. Then I stamped with Sally Hansen Whirlwind White and Bundle Monster plate BM 301. It was a little faint, so I went over the bottom part with some more white and a make-up sponge.

Then I added some random dots with a dotting tool. I love how frost this looks :) We aren't getting any snow here, so this kinda makes up for it. It's also a nice break from traditional holiday colors.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Striping Tape Christmas Trees

Hi all! The other day Helen from The Nail Newbie posted a gorgeous tape tree mani using holo colors in our birthday group. I decided to try my hand at it.

I started with two coats of Jade Vermelho Surreal. It's a terrific holo, but a little too orange leaning for a Christmas mani.

Then I covered my nail with scotch and striping tape to make trees with tinsel using one of my all-time favorites: Nubar Reclaim. The pinky was supposed to be a tree with random tinsel hanging, but it's hard to tell it's a tree that small lol.

Then I added some glitter hexes I got from a pack at The Dollar Tree. They worked really well, but a couple of the blues bled a little. I still love how they look. So festive!!!

My right hand doesn't have even nails, so I don't show it very often. I made an exception because my trees looked super good and I was proud of them :) I dinged the thumb while working haha. Unfortunately I bumped another nail last night and got a nick :(

Thursday, December 13, 2012

10 Day Nail Art Challenge: Silver & Gold

Today is the first day of a new challenge!

Today's theme is Silver & Gold. I got Zoya Song in the mail the other day and decided I had to wear it immediately. To incorporate the theme, I stamped with silver and gold snowflakes!

I used China Glaze Passion and Pure Ice Silver Mercedes for the stamping. I kinda messed up my ring finger, but overall, I liked the look :)

Zoya Song was a little disappointing. In pictures (even mine) it's looks so much more interesting on the nail. In real life, it's just a really dark blue :( You can barely tell it's a shimmer. It was also tricky to apply and really thick. Luckily it was a one-coater.

For funsies, here's a macro shot of my favorite nail :)

If you'd like to join the challenge, go to the Facebook event here.