Saturday, April 14, 2012

Untried Month Day 1: Zoya Zuza and Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Dream

The other day when I got Zuza, I could not wait to use it, so I took it to school with me and applied it during classes haha. This is two coats of this gorgeous turquoise foil.

Then when I got home, Mermaid's Dream was sitting on my porch waiting for me, so I applied two coats on my ring finger as an accent nail. I'm obsessed with mermaids because I really want to be one. Really bad.

I went to Dallas this past weekend and was so looking forward to going to Nordstrom and buying a Deborah Lippmann to celebrate 1.) my birthday and 2.) winning the presidential election of my student organization! I figured I'd splurge for the special occasion. Unfortunately we ran out of time and I didn't get to go, so I ordered this from HSN on Sunday and got it on Wednesday! I decided to wear it until I was announced as president on Thursday.

From swatches I saw online, I wasn't sure that I'd like this, but I figured since it had the word mermaid in the name I'd find a way to love it. You guys, it is so much prettier in person. My pictures and others I've seen online make me think of eyeshadow for some reason. Like sorta chalky/powdery? It's got these gorgeous golden sparkles in it and I'm pretty sure supermicro holo particles. In the sun it is just gorgeous!

It was so shiny that trying to get a picture was hard, so I mattified it with NYC Matte Topcoat for the next picture. This made it look like eyeshadow in real life, but it was still super beautiful :)

Also, Helen at Nail Newbie has started an Untried Month to get through all the polishes she hasn't used yet. I decided to join her since my untried drawer is full. Also joining us are some girls from our birthday group. If you'd like to join, let me know in the comments and I'll link you in my posts!

Helen at Nail Newbie


  1. Hello! :) Ohh Zoya zuza is so gorgeous!! :D Glad you said deborah lipmann looks like eye shaddow and is much better in person because i was like... humm not sure if i like lol Kisses**

  2. Mermaid's Dream is so pretty, now I want to see it in real life! It goes great with Zuza too, lovely combo!