Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rainbow Favorites: Green

Now it's time for green! My favorite green is Nubar Reclaim. Soooo gorgeous. I've shown it on the blog before so I just took pics of it after I added stamping.

I stamped with Bundle Monster BM 301 and Color Club Love 'Em and Leave 'Em. I love this stamp! It's a really cool gradient that is less messy than a sponge and super fast :)

Ahhhhh look at that holo goodness! If you don't have Reclaim, you really really need it!

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  1. Awesome green holo! The whole thing reminds me of a forest nymph. ;) Very pretty. :)

  2. Ah, what a cool stamp design! Love this color combo :)

  3. cool! I was wondering how this stamped worked in comparison to sponging (just haven't managed to find the time myself, uuurrrrggghhhh). Looks great and completely agree, less mess is a good thing :)

  4. gorgeous mani, I almost chose Reclaim for mine too :)