Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rainbow Favorites: Pink

Today is the final day of the Rainbow Favorites Challenge! I'm normally not a huge fan of pink, but I have a surprisingly large amount of pink polish in my stash. Today's polish is another that I've shown you before: China Glaze Strawberry Fields.

In my previous post, It doesn't really show how shimmery this polish is, but this post does. And of course I added some Bundle Monster stamping. This is plate BM 311 and Sally Hansen Whirlwind White. 

This is one of the stamps I was most excited about. While wearing it today, I realized this stamp like ones before, look like a difficult to master nail art technique: Newspaper Nails! I was really impressed with how well this stamp worked, but a little bummed that a lot of the design didn't get onto my nail thanks to my tiny nail beds. Fortunately I managed to get almost all of it on my thumb nail!

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