Sunday, February 12, 2012

Essence Edward & Bella

Hello all! Today I have another one of my twin sets to show you :) This is Edward and Bella (Edward is, of course, the sparkly one). They're so pretty!
                          Just look at those bottles! Aren't they gorgeous?! I used one coat of Bella on most nails, but a couple need ed a second coat to even things out. I then topped them all off with one coat of Edward.

Close up of the thumb. Don't you just love the square glitter?! I do! And they other day while I was sitting in class, I noticed something:
It matches my notebook! I'm obviously really into this color right now and can't keep myself from buying it haha. Like I said before, I love the Essence twins. I'm not really a Twilight fan. Well...honestly, I LOVED the books. Are they great works of literature? No, but I really enjoyed them. They're kinda like a clean romance novel. The movies however, I really hate. They're just...awful. And they've kinda ruined the books for me. But nothing can ruin these gorgeous polishes for me :)

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