Monday, February 13, 2012 Haul

Hiya! Today when I got home I had two packages waiting for me!

I kinda ripped right into them. How cute is that tissue paper?! Here's what was inside:

Nail Envy Original and Matte set, Zoya Lolly and Harley, OPI Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI?, I Don't Give a Rotterdam, Wooden Shoe Like to Know, Thanks a Windmillion, Kiss Me on My Tulips, I Have a Herring Problem and A Roll in the Hague. I bought a $50 gift certificate for $25 and a $40 for $20. I saved them to use for The Holland Collection. So I got all this for $47.50! Regular retail price: $111.48! I had to use each gift certificate separately, so I had to strategize to spend the whole certificate, but not go over it. That's why I got the two Zoyas. I now have all the Mod Mattes! I was trying to figure out what other Zoya to get and the description for Harley sounded pretty :) I can't wait to try out the Hollands!

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