Friday, February 24, 2012

Love Yourself Nail Art Challenge

In the Polish-aholics Anonymous facebook group, Claire Gallaugher commented "I find it weird (prob not the right word as usual lol) how hard a time girls give themselves and each other, it is even obvious over nail art... some of the designs I see are amazing and even the ones that aren't are still cool as the person has tried and hopefully enjoyed it... I am the same about bashing myself and was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining my "love your self no matter what" nail art challenge? Can be any design, colour, level... anything at all to do with nails... whatever u think most represents you... anyone in?" I loved the idea. We women are so hard on ourselves! I'm not sure about y'all, but it's so easy to get myself into a hate spiral and is so hard to stay positive. It doesn't come as naturally as self-deprecation does, sadly. I decided to just pick polishes that looked pretty and made me happy :)

I started with one coat of Zoya Julieanne. It's so pretty and shimmery! Love love love it!

And then, would this manicure really express me if I didn't add some glitter? Of course not! I'm a glitter whore, y'all. It's just tiny, sparkly bits of happiness. How could you not love it?! I added one coat of China Glaze Marry a Millionaire. CeCe at ManiCured! called this polish "Mardi Gras in a bottle" and she's totally right! Soooo pretty!

This manicure made me seriously happy and was simple, which was nice. After an amazing (but very exhausting) weekend at Raider Awakening (:D!) and then school and tests and all sorts of obligations, this nice relaxing mani was exactly what I needed! And I seriously love this nail art prompt! Thanks so much Claire!

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