Monday, July 2, 2012

My Stash (Pic Heavy)

Who's ready for some stash porn?!?! That sounds like I'm actually going to show you porn...nope! Just my polish storage! I love seeing other people's stashes, so I thought I'd share mine. It's constantly evolving because I'm constantly buying polish, so here's the evolution up to where I am now. (Please excuse some of the poor pics. I just took them to text to my friends haha.)

Here we have to first storage I bought specifically for my nail polish. This was last summer and the basket I had been using had filled up, so I bought these plastic shoe boxes for polish and nail care stuff.

When that was no longer adequate, I upgraded to this 2 level snap ware from Target. The bottom is still mostly nail care stuff and it's organized by color :)

Then I had to take out most of my nail care supplies to accommodate more polish. This was around Christmas. Eventually I had to buy another 2 level stacker.

In February my parents bought me this 3 drawer organizer with wheels so I could roll my polish out of site. Unfortunately my dad then wheeled it not so carefully and a wheel broke off :( It then became stationary. I eventually had to put one of the snap ware levels in the bottom drawer to fit everything.

Then Micheal's had a super awesome sale that made their Melmers 50% off! I finally upgraded to two Melmers and a wheel base! (Also the day I got my first Indie polish (NerdLaquer Nebula).)

Knowing my track record, the next time these were 50% off, I bought another 3 drawer unit for my future collection :) Here's what I have today:

I use sticky notes for labels because it's much easier to change out when I feel like reorganizing. Let's start from the top now, shall we? The box in the back is my ominous and overwhelming untried box. T be fair, a lot of these are fall/winter colors that I am just not in the mood for. In front of the box is polishes I've used and haven't yet refiled in their homes. I haven't put polishes back since I went on vacation last week. And I just unpacked all the polishes I took with me :)

Then we have my nail art drawer with all sorts of random things to spiff up my nails.

Then the nail care drawer with files, top/base coats, glue, cuticle stuff and the like. The little blue box holds my felt. Clearly I need to cut some more.

Here's my foreign/indie/luxury brand drawer that includes a England, Barry M, Models Own, Essence, Fearne, 17, W7, Max Factor, Layla, Cover Band, NerdLacquer, Fanservice Nails, Floam, Whimsical Ideas by Pam, Cult Nails, Deborah Lippmann and Julep.

L.A. Colors, Kleancolors, Jordana/Milani, Confetti, Nicole by OPI, N.Y.C.


Color Club/Cosmetic Arts, Zoya, Ulta, Nubar 

Pure Ice, Hard Candy, Revlon, Sinful Colors, Wet n Wild, Misc. Brands

OPI, Finger Paints, Orly

Mall Brands: Love & Beauty by Forever 21, Icing, Gap, War Paint Beauty, Claire's, Sally Hansen

And finally China Glaze. Clearly they're my favorite :) Looks like I've only got room for 6 more :( Luckily I can more non-polish supplies to one of my old storage solutions.

I also have almost all of my polishes swatched on sticks sorted by color so I can compare polished together and find things easier. Here's the organized ones:

My dog fell of my bed and broke the bin :/

And the unorganized ones

I hope you enjoyed looking at my stash! And don't think I'm too crazy haha. What do you think?


  1. I enjoyed it very much - and it seems like we are sooo many out there with that weird and totally unpredictable "no-more-room" problem.
    When I started I had a box for 20 polishes, and I was pretty sure I never would fill it - when I bought my first 60 polish acrylic rack, I laughed and said: THIS will NEVER be full...
    And now not many months later I bought a big piece of furniture holding 180 in each drawer LOL
    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thanks for sharing.
    I just started doing nails a year ago, and started out with various polishes, that I had aquired while I grew up. In total, there where 13 of them, So I bought two plastic shoe boxes, and just one month later, they where both full. Couldnt understand where all the polishes came from, but when I looked at them, well, I have bought em all.
    Now, I just bought my 100 th bottle, and have several boxes. I love seeing other ppls stash, maybe I should do a post like this as well...

  3. Great post. I love seeing how other peoples stashes evolve. It's amazing how we all start off with a few polishes and quickly end up with hundreds :| lol