Monday, May 7, 2012

Birthday Nail Mail Round 3!

Here are the other birthday packages I've been meaning to show you!

This is from the lovely Kathrin! She sent me Barry M Bright Purple and Emerald Green, Fearne Grey and Lime Green, W7 Purple Paradise and 17 Fury, plus nail files, toe separators, nail stickers, polish remover pads, a hair tie and LOTS of awesome candy. This package had 3 brands of polish and lots of candy that was new to me!

Nicole at The Epitome of Superficiality sent me Essence The Dawn is Broken, a set of Australis Polish Pots and this really cool necklace! I had been dying for The Dawn is Broken, so I was really excited when I got it!

The fabulous Zoe at Obsessive Compulsive Nail Painting Disorder sent me 3 of the Models Own Hed Kandi polishes! Disco Heaven, Ibiza Mix and Hedonist. She also sent Max Factor Intense Plum and Disco Pink along with a makeup bag, a nail file, super cute socks and a lip balm. She also send a pack of Starbursts from England. Oh. my. gosh. They were so good!!! They're not in the picture because my brother and I scarfed them down. My favorite was the orange. I usually hate orange candies, but these actually tasted like oranges, so I loved them a lot! These ladies have definitely spoiled me :) All my birthday ladies are the sweetest!


  1. Aw, this is so sweet!!! What wonderful nail mails!!! :D

  2. Aww yay, so glad you liked my nail mail x