Monday, May 14, 2012

Monkey See Monkey Do Monday: Clownfish

This week for MSMD Monday, I chose as clownfish design. I found this tutorial from Juliatmll on Pinterest and decided to try it since it was so dang cute! Also, since I was already wearing Zoya Arizona I didn't have to repaint my nails. I used Icing Chic Chic Horray and L.A. Colors Circuits with a small paint brush and a dotting tool.

I clearly didn't do this manicure just, but I still thought it was pretty cute :) If I were to attempt this manicure again, here's what I'd do differently:
1.) Use a more opaque white. Chic Chic Horray is my favorite white base coat, but going over the clownfish strips twice wasn't ideal.
2.) Dip my paint brush directly into the polish bottle instead of putting a blob on a palette.
3.) If I do put it on a palette, I'd probably add some polish thinner so the polish would apply a little smoother.
4.) Make his face bigger on the accent nail.
Even though I don't really consider this mani a success, I still really like the pattern. It's really out of the ordinary :)

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  1. this is so cute! I love it. x

  2. This is adorable! Everything is a learning process, though, isn't it? I painted the worst flowers in the world the other day... my DH said they looked like little flies. :/

  3. I think is a great job, I like it, is original, fun and pretty.

  4. OMG how can you not consider this a success, its amazing!! xxx