Friday, May 25, 2012

Last of the Birthday Nail Mail

I have finally come to the end of my birthday packages. It's kinda sad that I'm not gonna get surprise packages, but now I get to send surprised packages :D

Helly at Nail Newbie sent me this awesome mini set of Models Own Beetlejuice polishes and a full size of Aqua Violet and adorable little jars of star glitter! I have no idea how the candy was because my brother ate it, but I guess it's fair since he's been stalking the mail man for me all month. I only need 1 more of the original Beetlejuice polishes!

Janelle at Life Love Nailpolish sent me Color Club holos!!!!! I've been dying for these!!! I'm wearing Wild at Heart now and it's FABULOUS! She also sent Swedish Fish, but since they're my favorites, they were gone almost immediately.

Wild at Heart, Fashion Addict, Worth the Rique and
Love 'Em and Leave 'Em

A huge thank you to all the ladies in my birthday group who have completely spoiled me this month. Y'all are the best! :D