Friday, May 11, 2012

Untried Month Day 18: Zoya Arizona

Hello! The other day someone posted in PAA that Pampered Chef was hosting a contest in which all participants got a $20 gift certificate to I decided to use mine to get a couple more of the new Zoyas :) I only paid $1.95 total (it let me use the voucher for shipping) and like all my Bloom orders, the shipping was super fast! I ordered Kimber and Arizona.

This is three coats of Arizona. It's a gorgeous orange creme that reminds me of a popsicle! Orange is my go-to orange shade, so I'm sure I'll use this a lot this summer. I've heard some bad things about application of this polish. While it wasn't amazing application, it was pretty manageable and not unpleasant.

And this is without topcoat! Look how shiny it is! It's so juicy! LOVE 

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