Saturday, May 19, 2012

Summer Challenge: Torch Starts its Journey

The first manicure challenge of the Summer Challenge is inspired by the start of the Olympic Torch Relay! I love love love the Olympics, so I was excited that it was the first manicure of this challenge :) Some fun facts about the torch:
The Torch is made up of an inner and an outer aluminium alloy skin, held in place by a cast top piece and base, perforated by 8,000 circles. Representing the inspirational stories of the 8,000 Torchbearers who will carry the Olympic Flame, the circles which run the length of the body of the Torch also offer a unique level of transparency. You can see right to the heart of the Torch and view the burner system which will keep the Olympic Flame alive on its journey around the UK. 
Colour: gold. The gold colour embraces the qualities of the Olympic Flame – the brightness and the warmth of the light that it shines.

Colors used:
Flame: China Glaze Salsa, Zoya Nidhi, Kleancolor Metallic Mango, Metallic Yellow
Torch: Kleancolor Metallic Yellow and Coffee Addict.
Olympic Rings: China Glaze First Mate, Starboard, Salsa, L.A. Colors Circuits and Zoya Pippa.

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