Friday, July 27, 2012

Blogger Friends Forever: Punk

While I was really look forward to the last challenge, I was kinda dreading this one haha. While I am definitely a nerdy bookworm, I'm not really punk, so I had no idea what to do for this challenge. (That's why they're challenges, to push you out of your comfort zone!) I asked the ladies in my birthday group and they had some awesome ideas. One of the suggestions was chains and I had a stamp for that!

I stamped one chain along the tip and absolutely loved it! The original plan was silver and gold chains all over, but I loved the funky French look and stuck with it. I decided it was a more inspired-by mani than direct inspiration haha. Plus non-conformity, so there's that lol. While it's still not really my style, aren't these hot?! Materials used: Bundle Monster plate BM 15, L.A. Colors Circuits, China Glaze Passion.

Here are the fabulous bloggers participating in this challenge:

And here's what we have in store! (My week is August 23-25)


  1. Totally hot! This looks really pretty and elegant while being just a little bit extra special and different :) Also I'm super jealous of the length your nails are right now! I'm feeling especially sad about my semi-nubbins at the moment :(

  2. chains!!!!!
    i love it!
    that gold polish that u used is awesome!
    i thought it was decals to start with.
    it reminded me of the 50shades trilogy.hahaha