Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Challenge: Olympic Medals

This mani was all done and ready this morning, but I was too busy watching Team USA win at least one of each of these :) After a disappointing day yesterday, I think we've more than made up for it. For those of you that only watch the prime time airings, get ready for an awesome night. So proud of Team USA!!!! Any time they show an athlete cry, I lose it. And sometimes I'm just so happy for them I cry even though they aren't haha. 

I went simple for this. I stamped the "O" from Konad M18 with Pure Ice Silver Mercedes, China Glaze Passion and Sally Hansen Bronze Ablaze. Then I googled the 2012 medals and realized the gold was bigger (Duh!) and had to add on to it. The ribbons for the medals are Pure Ice No Means No. I free-handed the flag with Pure Ice French Kiss and China Glaze Salsa. 

I used the same stamp to make the rings and then free-handed 2012. So how are y'all enjoying the Olympics?

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  1. I love watching the olmypics especially diving/gymnastics.

    Your nails looks great especially the thumb thanks for sharing!