Sunday, July 22, 2012

Indie Swatching: Aqua Daisy Succulent

Today's indie swatch is Aqua Daisy Succulent. I saw this polish on someone else's wish list and decided I needed it. This is two coats. I bought a mini, so the brush is kinda hard to maneuver, but it wasn't horrible. The polish is advertised as "mint with pink glitter" but it's actually blue. I really thought mint green and pink would be adorable, but I love this combination too! This polish is so light and airy and happy.

I also bought Beauty School Drop Out, but I haven't gotten a chance to wear it yet. Aqua Daisy polishes are available here.


  1. this polish reminds me of Nerd Lacquers All of Time & Space with less glitter. I love this color combo!

  2. Loving the combo. Im a huge fan of all blue, and this is no exception.