Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Indie Swatches: Fanservice Nails

I've gotten a lot of indies recently. Usually as soon as they come in I wear them and take pics, but I haven't posted most of them yet. I'm going to try to clear them out this week. First up is the rest of my Fanservice Nails polishes. First up is Clownfish Driving a Sports Car.

Orange shimmer with opalescent glitter. This polish was not the easiest to apply, but wasn't awful. Anything with glitter makes hard clean up, and that was the case here. I still really like this polish. Next time I wear it, I'd like to put it over a red to bring out more red it. I think it'd look even better. This was two coats.

Next up is Gwen Cooper:

Gwen Cooper is a dark red scattered holo polish. It is absolutely gorgeous. It's like a England St. George's red sister. Applied like butter. I think this was only one coat.

blurry for holo goodness showcasing

And now we have Owen Harper:

Owen Harper is a white shimmer polish with red, yellow, green, blue, purple and silver glitter and larger purple hex glitter. White with glitter is really popular in the indie world right now and I love it. I love white polish and glitter, so I'm all for it :) This one applied really well. I got the purple hexes onto the nail without having to do any fishing.

Fanservice Nails polishes are available here for $11 each or 3 for $28. Ships super fast too :)