Monday, April 16, 2012

Untried Month Day 2: Deborah Lippmann Almost Paradise and Kleancolor Metallic Green

After this past week's haul, I've managed to double my collection of Deborah Lippmanns. They were all half of except one ;) Almost Paradise is a cute and spring-y light green. I've heard it described as pistachio, but it reminds me of lime sherbet. This is two easily applied coats.

Then I decided to try out some of my new stamping colors. This is one of my Cheeky plates (don't remember which, sorry :/) and Kleancolor Metallic Green.

Please pardon my stamping. I'm kind of out of practice, so it wasn't great. And I had to wipe off the two nails in the middle and start over. Unfortunately I used a dirty piece of felt and it got my nails kinda gross. And what's up with my index nail? Why does it insist on growing like that?! Despite these flaws, I still really like these two polishes together :) Be sure to check out the other ladies' untrieds!

Helen at Nail Newbie
Alyssa C at Polish Junkie Ninja


  1. Ohh, I wish I could pull off those super light greens. That DL looks great on you. Cute stamping, too. :)

  2. I can't believe I don't have that DL yet! I've stayed away because I was afraid it would give me Lobster Hands haha

  3. i love bright colors so i automatically love this mani