Thursday, April 26, 2012

More Birthday Nail Mail!

I have some more awesome nail mail from my birthday club friends to show you!

This is from Alyssa C at Polish Junkie Ninja. She sent me Cover Band Sticks 'n Stones (:O!), a Forever 21 dupe of I Lily Love You that I'd been trying to track down, China Glaze Full Spectrum and Side Saddle and my first Hits polish! And the super awesome extras were a bag of M&Ms, a cupcake soap that smells awesome, a pretty bottle of cuticle oil with flowers in it, Hello Kitty Nail Stickers, navy and white flower bobby pins (I'm obsessed with navy and white!) and a Hello Kitty nail file keychain. Absolutely love this. I was blown away.

And this one is from the fabulous Tracy! She doesn't have a blog, so I can't link to here. I got my first Nubars! Reclaim, White Polka Dots and Black Polka Dots. Extras: toe separators, in vanilla, a blueberry candy and a cool postcard. She also sent to Swedish chocolate bars, but they were so good they didn't make it to the picture. I don't even like milk chocolate usually, but I'm already craving those again. AMAZING! 

Every single one of my packages have been awesome so far and make me jump up and down. These ladies are awesome and I can't thank them enough :)

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