Friday, January 20, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 19-Galaxy Nails

This was my second attempt at galaxy nails. I loved my first ones a lot. These...not so much. Everyone says "They're so easy! It's impossible to mess up!". And I thought they were completely right the first time. Then I did them again. And they were so cool! Until I went too far. I kept adding and it ruined them :(
I was doing these at night in a poorly lit room, so this is the best picture I got from before all the sponging. I started out with a Love and Beauty polish that I thought was a purple/blue/black multichrome. When I put it on the nail it looked more green. According to the label this color was "Royal". Then I used a Love and Beauty glittery black, topped off with Finger Paints Motley.
Then I sponged with Hard Candy Beetle and Zoya Paz. And it looked SO COOOOL! Then I added Orly Au Champagne. And I covered up all the awesome below it. I tried to get it back by randomly layering all the other stuff back. I got it somewhat acceptable and then added hex glitter stars. I tried using a dotting tool the first time and didn't really care for the stars that way. I liked this method much better.

Polishes used: Love and Beauty Royal, Black, Finger Paints Motley, Hard Candy Beetle, Zoya Paz, Orly Au Champagne, Love and Beauty Silver.

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