Thursday, January 5, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 5-Blue Nails

So I pulled out all my untried blues to try and choose one for today. Here are all my unused blues.

I narrowed it down to these:
Unamed pale blue Cosmetic Arts, Orly Stone Cold and Icing Starlight. I started with three coats of the Cosmetic Arts, then stamped with BM 225. It was still kinda boring, so I decided to add some glitter.

These pics are awful and I apologize. The lighting in my house is terrible, so I didn't notice the spots I missed in clean up. Also, I ran out of time and didn't get any sun pictures.

I was kinda disappointed in Stone Cold. It's so pretty, but when I stamped it, it kinda lost it's beauty. Also I kinda got too much glitter on my ring finger. But after hating on my nails, I looked back and they're much better than in the weird dimness of my den.

Also doing this challenge is Emma of Manicurity, Bec at Laquer Dreams, Julia at Julia Loves Nails, Linda at Nail Polish Enthusiast, and Jenna at The Key to Jennasis. You should definitely check these lovely ladies and their nails out!

Here's a sunlight pic of the blue. As the day went on, it really grew on me. Especially when I was doing my hair haha. I really like blue and brown together :)


  1. Thanks :) I kinda jacked up the pink, but you can't really tell. It's usually better on my right hand for some reason, but last night was a huge fail and it looks like crap lol.