Sunday, January 22, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 22 Inspired By a Song

For today's challenge my mom suggested a lot of songs. Really old songs. They didn't really inspire me. And then I wanted to pick a Beatles song. I thought Eleanor Rigby would be super cool, but decided I didn't want to try to paint a face in a jar by the door in nail polish. I decided to go to my iTunes and look at my most played songs. And then one of them really appealed to me...

Firework! Originally by Katy Perry, but the one I listen to all the time is the Glee Project version. Cameron Mitchell was my favorite and I especially love his part in the song. It's one of my go-to jam songs :)

I showed you my right hand first because I think it actually came out better than the left hand. I started with two coats of Sinful Colors What's Your Name for a night sky and then decided it would be a good idea to file my nails. Hence the lack of polish on some tips. I'm really impatient and I just wanted to file my nails and go to bed haha. Said filing also resulted in my weirdly short index nail on the left hand. I got a little too enthusiastic with the file :(

Today after church I added the fireworks with a striping brush. I used Color Club Foil Me Once topped with Color Club Candy Cane, Color Club Perfect Mol-ten topped with Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe, Color Club Hot Like Lava topped with Sally Hansen Rockstar Pink, Wet n Wild The Bold & The Beautiful topped with China Glaze Ultamate Holiday and Color Club Cold Metal topped with Color Club Jingle Jangle.

On the left hand I used the same colors but arranged in different order. I used the striping brush on most of these, except the thumb and ring finger. I used a needle marbling type effect and then went over it with glitter on the striping brush. I decided I liked the brush technique better, but my thumb nail is growing on me.

Side by side. I really love this one. :) And now the song that inspired it!

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