Sunday, January 29, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 28-Inspired by a Flag

This challenge is so random, but ok. Like most Texans, I really love Texas. A lot. So I decided to recreate our flag since I love it so much. And since it's simple :)

I swatched a bunch of different blues and reds to pick out the perfect colors. Then I asked my dad (who loves Texas and its flags) to choose which ones he thought were best. I painted the index finger with one coat of Pure Ice French Kiss and then free handed a star with Sally Hansen White Lightening. Then I painted the other three nails white. After that dried, I decided it would be a good time to dye the tips of my hair again. Random, right? Anyways, in doing that, my nails got kinda stained blue and green, but I didn't have enough time to redo it so I channeled my inner Tim Gunn and made it work! I then taped my nails and painted two coats of China Glaze Winter Berry. You'll notice I did not use any OPI Texas colors. That's because I think that collection was made by someone that's never been to Texas. Texas is known by so many things like oil, cotton, insane love of football, the Cowboys, a giant Mexican influence that's rich in colors, cattle, the Texas Rangers (not the baseball team), the Alamo. All these things could've been pulled from to inspire a collection. Instead we got a green called Don't Mess with OPI?! And Y'all Come Back, Ya Hear. The phrase is "Y'all come back now ya here?". Come on! Lame. Rant over.

Fun fact: six national flags have flown over Texas (that's where they get the theme park name). They were Spain, France, Mexico, Texas republic (because we were and independent country for a time), Confederate flag and finally U.S. I thought about doing the six flags of Texas, but the Spanish and French ones were very complex and I didn't think I could do them justice. Also, the Confederate flag is kind of controversial, so it's just best to steer clear. Sorry for the long blab about it, but I really do love Texas :)

No finally the pics. They're crappy because my Internet isn't working and I have to post from my phone. Voila!

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