Monday, January 9, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 9-Rainbow Nails

I love rainbow. A lot. It's like an alphabet for colors. I once made my brother arrange a display by color (because it couldn't be done by alphabet). He though I was insane. Anyways here's the beautiful rainbow I picked out for today:
Cosmetic Arts pink, Sally Hansen Cherry Red, Love and Beauty coral, Cosmetic Arts yellow, Icing green mini, Cosmetic Arts blue-green, Love and Beauty blue, China Glaze First Mate, L.A. Colors purple, Cosmetic arts bright purple. I didn't realize how many unnamed colors I'd chosen until I typed them all out. Wow.

I decided to paint each nail a different color and then add polka dots. I was inspired by this mani. I did it on my mom a couple of days ago and then wanted to try it again. Here's her's.

And mine:
I like hers a lot better. I kinda wish I had just left it a plain skittle mani. Although it has grown on me since last night. I think I tried to put too many dots on a few of the nails. And my polish was kinda drying out when I dotted my right hand. Here's a couple of my favorites from this mani.

I really love this base color. It's much brighter in real life. And I love the blue and purple on it.

I like the color combo on this one. And if this hadn't been the last nail I did, I'd like the execution much more. Those red ones...

This is my favorite. I got the most of the rainbow on this one. And this red is really pretty :) I just looked down on my nails again, and I think I like them a little more now. Now to decide what to do for tomorrow.

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