Friday, January 6, 2012

Haul and Nail Mail!!!

So, I got paid and went a little polish crazy. I ordered some stuff online, got some Ulta coupons and found the Finger Paints Flakies!!!
Top row: The colors I lacked from the Wet n Wild Ice Baby Collection (half off at Walgreens!!!) Give Me a Price Quote, It's All in the Cut 24 Karats. Also Orly Rock-It from Ulta.
Second Row: From Sally's Finger Paints Flakies, Orly Au Champagne (half off), Seche Vite (my first bottle!), China Glaze Trendsetter ($1.99) From Free Cycle: Revlon Get Reddy and OPI Glove You So Much
Third row: From CVS Confetti Black Tie, Spoiled Shuffle the Deck and Revlon Peach Smoothie. From Icing Christmas Mini Set ($2!!!!!).
Not pictured: OPI Planks A Lot. I couldn't find it for the pic, but eventually did.

I'm super excited to try out the flakies. I asked my brother to send me a pic of my recent purchases while I was at work and he arranged the flakies like that for the picture. I liked it and stole his arrangement :) I'm also really excited about Shuffle the Deck because it's my school colors! And it has BLACK GLITTER!!!!

I ordered this from Trans Design last Friday and got it tonight. It should've been here last night, but the autofill option at the computer at work had my address wrong for some reason. I contacted Trans Design right after I found out and they fixed and responded very quickly. 


I also stuck in Revlon Whimsical that I got today at K-Mart. The China Glazes are Paper Chasing, Atlantis (SWOOOON!), Skyscraper, Pelican Gray, Concrete Catwalk, Midtown Magic, Cowardly Lyin', Ten Man, C-C-Courage, and Good Witch? All the China Glazes were $3, except for Atlantis. It was like $3.85, but still totally worth it!

I now have all the Wizard of Ooh Ahz!!!

I still have my Julep box on the way as well as some things I'm bidding on on Ebay.

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