Friday, January 20, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 20-Watermarble

I experimented with watermarble before, but my only successful one was on one nail. The others disasters. I think my problem was that my water was too cold. This one I waited until I got warm water running to fill up my cup. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with this one.

I used OPI Fly, China Glaze Pelican Gray and OPI Did It On 'Em. I really love this color combination. Gray is my favorite color right now, and I especially love it with teal and yellow greens.

My favorite is definitely the middle finger and then the index. The ring finger didn't get any of the blue on it :/ Only three of my fingers could fit in the cup I was using at a time, so I redid the pinky in a little cup. I don't really like the way it swirled in there. 

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