Monday, January 2, 2012

China Glaze Fireside Glow (Ulta Exclusive)

artificial light with flash.

I saw Fireside Glow listed with the China Glaze Let It Snow Collection on the Ulta website and was really confused because I had never heard of it. Then I read on ManiCured! that it was an Ulta Exclusive. After seeing her swatches and then seeing the bottle at Ulta, I HAD to have it. I put it on my Christmas list and hoped so hard that I would get it. I almost bought it myself just in case. I'm so so SO glad my mom bought it for me. I went to Ulta the next day and the display was empty, so I thought they had sold out. Turns out they were just in the clearance bin for half off. Oh well, it was still worth it :)

It's sooo jammed packed with all sorts of shimmery sparkle! It's like liquid fire...that later becomes solid. I love it. I makes me want to sit in front of the fireplace.
artificial light with flash.

I used two coats for these pictures and then a topcoat. Fireside Glow dries very gritty and matte-like. I actually really liked the matte look and left it like that for the first day. After some tip wear (and after I got tired of the grittiness) I touched it up, added topcoat and wanted to add something. Looking at the gorgeous orangey sparkle, I thought of a tiger and decided to add tiger stripes! I used L.A. Colors black to stamp with Bundle Monster plate BM 223.
artificial light.

I'm sorry for the "rough-ness" of this mani. I had run out of acetone and nail polish remover was not working great for clean-up. Also I was had to leave for work and didn't have time for a topcoat :/ Also, these were probably meant to be zebra stripes, but are they really that different?

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